Wheat yield gaps: magnitude and opportunities to sustainably improve yield

Wheat yield gaps: magnitude and opportunities to sustainably improve yield

Researchers: Brian Beres
Keywords: Wheat Yield
Start Date: 2019
Status: In Progress

Lead Researcher:  Brian Beres, AAFC, Lethbridge
Start Date:  2019
Project Length: 3 Years (2019- 2022)

Short-term –

  • Estimate yield potential and yield gap to determine the extra wheat production potential for the Canadian Prairies through improved agronomy.
  • Identify opportunities to close the current yield gap in major agroecological zones through existing and alternative management practices.
  • Develop a platform of weather, soil, and cropping systems data that can be used for future yield gap evaluation for different crops.

Long-term –

  • Provide input to policy makers and land use planners regarding areas in which there is potential to economically improve wheat yields;
  • Prioritize resources and better orient extension programs to address problems associated with land use and the sustainable intensification of Canadian crop production.
  • Evaluate the impact of climate change, urbanization, and other issues that deal with water, food, and well-being on local communities.

Total project cost:  $438,000
MWBGA funding approved:  
Partner funding: 
Funding Partners:
CWRC, Alberta Innovates

Benefits to MB Producers:  Increased disease screening facilities and personnel for Western Canadian plant breeding programs.  Medium term variety development of breeders’ elite lines.