Soil Moisture Capacity – Potential for soil and crop management practic...

Soil Moisture Capacity – Potential for soil and crop management practices to rapidly increase soil organic matter on eroded land in Manitoba

Researchers: David Lobb
Keywords: Farm Management Moisture Soil Water Management
Start Date: 2019
Status: In Progress

Multiple techniques to dramatically increase soil organic matter and associated water benefits will be investigated, reviewed and standardized for comparative analysis over a range of environmental conditions. The one-year study will leverage and standardize past work, identify gaps and set path for future priorities.

Research Lead: David Lobb
Co – Investigators: Stephen Crittenden, AAFC Brandon; Curtis Cavers, AAFC Portage la Prairie; John Fitzmaurice, AAFC Winnipeg; Sharon Papiernik, USDA-ARS Brookings SD; Thomas Schumacher, SDSU Brookings SD
Start Date: 2019
Project Length: 3 Years (2019-2022)
Project status: in progress


1) Assessment of management practices for their effectiveness to rapidly rebuild and protect soil organic matter (SOM) on eroded land in Manitoba.

2) More uniform and stable soil moisture levels and crop yields by increasing SOM in areas where it is depressed by the loss of soil by erosion.

3) Greater crop productivity and profitability, contributing to greater sustainability of farm operations faced with increasing climate variability.

Total Funding Approved: $176,897 plus in-kind
Funding Partners: University of Manitoba, MCGA, MPSG, CAP Ag Action MB