ROI of Variable Rate Prescriptions

ROI of Variable Rate Prescriptions

Researchers: Lorne Grieger
Keywords: Economics Farm Management
Start Date: 2019
Status: In Progress

Lead Researcher:  Lorne Grieger, PAMI
Start Date:  2019
Project Length: 3 Years
Project Status: APPROVED – contracting  

Background:  These programs are a fairly significant investment, but there is very little data to support the return on investment for the producer in both the long and short term. Companies in Manitoba are looking for methods of evaluating their services, and producers want to quantify the benefit of these programs.


  1. Quantify the actual cost of implementing a variable rate program compared to conventional farming.
  2. Quantify the difference in various aspects of production with a variable rate program (fertilizer and yield).
  3. Quantify the financial benefit of a variable rate program compared to conventional practices.

Total project cost:  $202,000
MWBGA Funding Requested:  $50,000 ($16,667 each year for 3 years) + in-kind
Funding Partners:  CAP Ag Action MB $101,000 (funding requested) + service providers & other commodity associations $17,250

Benefits to MB Producers:  Economic analysis added to our research projects.  Research reports of the analysis done and for most cases the eventual theses of students well informed about the issues of Manitoba’s agricultural sector.