On-Farm Validation of FHB model

On-Farm Validation of FHB model

Category: On Farm Research
Researchers: Holly Derksen
Keywords: Fusarium Wheat
Start Date: 2017
Status: Complete

Lead Researchers: Holly Derksen, Plant Pathology Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture
Start Date:  2017
Project Length: 1 Year (summer 2017)
Project status:  COMPLETE 

Objectives:  Models constantly need to be validated and fine-tuned for the region where it is relevant. The model that is best for the Fusarium population and conditions in individual provinces in western Canada, or even across the border in the USA, might not be the same.

Total Project Cost:  $10,700
MWBGA Funding Approved:  $4,500
Partner funding:  $6,200
Funding Partners: Farmer cooperators & GF2 On-Farm Program

Results and Discussion

  • The field experiment relied on natural infection for FHB expression, 2017 was a year of very low infection rates. Good for farmers and the overall quality of the 2017 wheat crop in MB was very high, but not good for a controlled experiment of disease damage.
  • Visually, Holly could observe differences from untreated to treated, and in some cases, between the timings
  • Some differences noted from FHB ratings, no differences in FDK and DON (as per the CGC test results)
  • Plan to run the experiment again in 2018