On-Farm Testing of Plant Growth Regulators

On-Farm Testing of Plant Growth Regulators

Category: On Farm Research
Researchers: Anne Kirk Pam de Rocquigny
Keywords: PGRs Wheat
Start Date: 2017
Status: Complete

Lead Researchers: Pam de Rocquigny / Anne Kirk, Cereals Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture
Start Date:  2017
Project Length: 1 Year (summer 2017)
Project status:  COMPLETE


  1. Manage high yield wheat in MB and avoid lodging issues
  2. Manipulator (active ingredient Chlormequat chloride) has been registered for use as a PGR in Canada, but has not had much uptake or on farm experience in Canada because of concern over grain marketability. While the market issue is being resolved farmers and agronomists want to gain some experience and are very curious about whether it will give us an advantage here in Manitoba.

Total Project Cost: $10,200
MWBGA Funding Approved: $3,500
Partner Funding: $6,200
Funding Partners:  Farmer Cooperators & GF2 On-Farm Program

Results and Discussion:  While Manipulator (active ingredient Chlormequat chloride) is also registered for the use in the EU and many other countries, the United States has not set a Minimum Residue Limit for this chemistry and therefore because our grain system is not generally segregated agronomists and industry representatives have not advocated for it’s widespread use until after the US has set their limit.  This was in process during the summer of 2017 but did not come through before growers’ planting decisions.  No growers participated in the study in 2017.