MWBGA special projects at Diversification Centres – Management practice...

MWBGA special projects at Diversification Centres – Management practices for high yield wheat

Researchers: Diversification Centre Specialists
Keywords: High Yield Wheat
Start Date: 2017
Status: In Progress

Lead Researchers: Diversification Centres – Specialists
Start Date: 2017
Project Length: 5 years (2017-2022)


Management practices for high yield wheat – quantify the yield benefit of intensive management practices in spring wheat, and to determine if these management practices provide the same benefit to a variety of cultivars.

Fungicide Timing for Management of Fusarium Head Blight – To determine the optimum timing of a fungicide application for Fusarium head blight suppression in barley. Current recommendations are to apply a fungicide a full heading, but if weather conditions are not conducive at that timing it may be beneficial to delay the application by three to five days.

Total Project Cost: $100,000
MWBGA Funding Approved: $100,000
Partner Funding: $
Funding Partners: Manitoba Agriculture

Benefits to MB Producers:

This information will help producers make decisions on where to focus their input dollars and will provide an opportunity to highlight the effects of PGR’s in spring wheat production.  This information can also be used to determine if the variety rankings that result from yields collected in the MCVET trials may differ if those same varieties were grown under intensive management.