Multi-disciplinary Development of Tools & Techniques to Manage Extreme M...

Multi-disciplinary Development of Tools & Techniques to Manage Extreme Moisture

Researchers: Brent VanKoughnet
Keywords: Moisture
Start Date: 2019
Status: In Progress

Coordinator:  Brent VanKoughnet, Agri-Skills Inc.
Start Date:  2019
Project Length: 3 Years (2019-2022)

Background: The MWBGA have invested through 2 projects in an analysis of current knowledge of management practices to manage the extremes of moisture that cause significant crop loss in MB.  MASC data was analyzed to assess the losses and reasons as well as to glean management options.  Workshops were organized to draw out the knowledge on this issue from the research community.  The focus of extreme moisture is intended to refer to both too much and too little moisture as well as the potential rapid swings from too much to too little within the same growing season. Recent evidence suggests that in Manitoba excess moisture has had far greater financial impact than drought. For example, in 2016/17 MASC reports $198.7 million in claims with excess moisture accounting for 71%.   For this reason, the majority of the focus is intended to fall into one of two categories; a) dual strategies where solutions are complementary between too much and too little and b) specific strategies for excess moisture.


  1. Comprehensive development and integration of improved management tools and techniques to mitigate the costs of extreme moisture including: use it, drain it, deal with it, store it, prepare for it, recover or avoid
  2. Long term research planning and programing with an intentional increased and sustained focus on extreme moisture management for the next decade. Targeting a 10:1 economic return.
  3. Benefits accrued from individual projects AND the improved collaborative environment for cross disciplinary innovation creating progress far surpassing what any individual grower group, government and/or stakeholder could accomplish alone.

MWBGA Funding: $120,000

Total Funding Approved: $1,406,427.60
Funding Partners: Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers Assoc., Manitoba Canola Growers Assoc., CAP Ag. Action Manitoba – Research & Innovation, AAFC, University of Manitoba, University of Brandon, NSERC

Benefits to MB Producers:       Identification, development and implementation of a wide range of multi-disciplinary water management tools and techniques for producers to reduce the negative impact of extreme moisture (with emphasis on excess moisture).  Each of the sub projects alone will provide tools for individual producers and the industry to better manage extreme moisture challenges. The combination of all these initiatives within a comprehensive multi-disciplinary multi-stakeholder approach encourages unprecedented synergy of effort, efficiency of asset usage and an incubator for innovation. 8 sub projects are bundled to address crop loss from extreme moisture mitigation tool and technique development.