Manitoba Agricultural Policy and Economic Analysis Internships

Manitoba Agricultural Policy and Economic Analysis Internships

Researchers: Derek Brewin
Start Date: 2019
Status: In Progress

Lead Researcher:  Derek Brewin, Dept. of Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba
Start Date:  2019
Project Length: 3 Years
Project Status: APPROVED – U of M Contracting

Background:  The goal of this proposal is to bring together the needs of graduate students in terms of relevant experience and industry mentors with the analytical needs of provincial and industry associations through a summer intern program that supports students located in provincial or industry association offices within Manitoba.


  1. Highly Qualified Personal (HQP), the project will provide experience in economic analysis to at least 2 students every summer for which funding is provided.
  2. Economic analysis focused on priority areas that meet the qualifications for a theses in Agribusiness or Agricultural Economics.

Total project cost:  $65,304
MWBGA Funding Requested:  $5,750 + in-kind
Funding Partners:  CAP Ag Action MB , MPGA, and MCGA

Benefits to MB Producers:  Economic analysis added to our research projects.  Research reports of the analysis done and for most cases the eventual theses of students well informed about the issues of Manitoba’s agricultural sector.