Excess Moisture Management Strategy for Manitoba Cereal Production

Excess Moisture Management Strategy for Manitoba Cereal Production

Researchers: Gary Martens
Keywords: Production
Start Date: 2016
Status: In Progress

Project Length: 2 years

Objectives: While a high percentage of International and Western Canadian crop research and innovation has been focused on drought, Manitoba producers are more likely to experience yield loss or reduction in yield potential from excess moisture.

  1. Determine the scope – convene an advisory group to scan and collate information on the range of tools, techniques and management choices for maximizing yield and profit in the presence of excess moisture conditions in cereal production in Manitoba.
  2. Work with historical crop insurance data for confirmation of the magnitude of the problem and potential correlation to management practices.
  3. GAP analysis – based on advisory group findings conduct more detailed literature reviews to document what is known and what is not known. Make direct contact with domestic and international researchers to solicit input on the areas of greatest promise and potential influence. Recommend where additional work (research investment) may be needed.

MWBGA Funding: $35,000

Total Funding Approved: $70,000

Funding Partners: Manitoba Agriculture, Grain Innovation Hub

Benefits to MB Producers: Document and publicize known tools techniques and management choices available for MB producers to maximize cereal production. Aid MWBGA to prioritize needed research investment.