Excess Moisture 2

Excess Moisture 2

Researchers: Brent VanKoughnet Gary Martens
Keywords: Moisture
Start Date: 2017
Status: Complete

Lead Researchers: Gary Martens & Brent VanKoughnet, Agri-Skills Inc.
Start Date: 2017
Project Length: 2 Years (2017-2019)
Project Status: COMPLETE

Objectives: Identify, develop and implement the use of a wide range of multi disciplinary water management tools and techniques for producers to reduce the negative impact of extreme moisture (with emphasis on excess moisture).

Develop multi disciplined, multi-stakeholder comprehensive plans drawing on the collaborative leadership of six different technical working groups;

  • Engineering
  • Agronomy
  • Genetics and Plant Physiology
  • Systems and Rotations
  • Big Data and Forecasting
  • Socio-Economic

Total Project Cost: $20,000
MWBGA Funding Approved: $20,000
Partner Funding: N/A
Funding Partners: MPSG, MCanolaG, and MP CAP

Benefits to MB Producers:

Development of solutions, tools and techniques considering full water shed dynamics as complimentary initiatives including:

  • Micro – within the field
  • Medium – local drainage
  • Macro – watershed capacity