Contract Agronomist to support On-Farm Projects

Contract Agronomist to support On-Farm Projects

Category: On Farm Research
Researchers: Lori-Ann Kaminski Pam de Rocquigny
Start Date: 2017
Status: Complete

Lead Researchers: Lori-Ann Kaminski, MWBGA Research Manager & Pam de Rocquigny, MWBGA General Manager
Start Date:  2017
Project Length: 1 Year (summer 2017)
Project status:  COMPLETE

Objectives:  Contract Agronomist to develop and support the MWBGA On-Farm Testing network

Total Project Cost:  $15,000
MWBGAFunding Approved:  $15,000 

Results and Discussion:  Hired Brunel Sabourin and his company Antara Research.  He helped in the development of protocols and data management tools and worked with growers in his area.