Agronomic Practices to Minimize Lodging Risk while Maintaining Yield Potentia...

Agronomic Practices to Minimize Lodging Risk while Maintaining Yield Potential in Spring Wheat

Researchers: Amy Mangin Don Flaten Yvonne Lawley
Keywords: High Yield Lodging PGRs Wheat
Start Date: 2017
Status: In Progress

Lead Researchers: Dr. Yvonne Lawley (Principal investigator), Dr. Don Flaten (Co-investigator), Amy Mangin (prospective Ph.D. student)
Start Date:  2017
Project Length: 4 Years (2017-2021)


  1. Evaluate the influence of N fertilizer management on lodging risk across high yielding spring wheat varieties.
  2. Evaluate PGR ability to reduce lodging risk in spring wheat.
  3. Evaluate interactions of N and PGR on lodging risk across spring wheat varieties.
  4. Evaluate influence of plant population on lodging risk and PGR efficacy at two nitrogen application timings in spring wheat.

Total Project Cost:  $507,410
MWBGA Funding Approved: $507,410
Funding Partners: N/A

Benefits to MB Producers: At the end of this project we will better understand how new high yielding spring wheat varieties respond to management practices such as nitrogen management, PGR application and seeding rate as well as their interactions and how these may influence lodging risk, yield and protein. This will allow for farmers to fine-tune agronomy management to reduce the risk of yield and quality loss from lodged fields.