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2019F009R – Premium quality hard red winter wheat for western Canada 2019F012R – Expanding Albertan capacity for Hard Red spring wheat breeding, and the education of future scientists

2019F017R – Developing new high yield wheat varieties (CPS, SP and CNHR), for milling, the animal feed and ethanol industry in Alberta

2019F018R – Integrated management of stripe rust in wheat for Alberta (2019-2022)

2019F019R – Development of breeder friendly gene markers for selection of Fusarium head blight resistance in Canadian spring wheat.

2019F020R – Genetic Enhancement of Soft White Spring Wheat for Alberta and Saskatchewan╞s bio-economies

2019F025R – Integration of new molecular markers to develop pre-harvest sprouting tolerant cereals

2019F027R – Developing rapid screening methods to simultaneously detect and quantify multiple mycotoxins in cereal grains

2019F029R – Phylogenetics and pathogenicity of Fusarium graminearum, F. culmorum and F. avenaceum isolated from wheat, pea, soybean and po~ 2019F046R – Beneficial insects in Prairie crops quantifying the value and vulnerability of biological pest control

2019F051R – Improving wheat tolerance to field sprouting

2019F056R – Development of a multiplex RT-immunoPCR assay and biosensor for the early detection of airborne fungal spores in cereal crops

2019F069R – Canadian Western Amber Durum Advanced Agronomy adding value with irrigation, unique fusarium head blight strategies, enhanced ~ 2019F072R – Accelerated breeding through a cereal doubled haploid service facility

2019F077R – Toward developing a rapid and accurate molecular tool to detect virulence change in stripe rust

2019F080R – Nanocarrier technology for the next generation of cereal seed treatments

2019F104R – Modulators of phytohormone signaling for Fusarium head blight disease management applications

2019F120R – Effector based screening for leaf spot complex in Canada 2019F124R – Rapid Detection and Quantification of Multi-Nutrient Soil Analytes using Multiplexed Sensor Arrays

2019F131R – Development of a biosensor for Fusarium Head Blight forecasting in wheat

2019F135R – Towards the generation of Alberta crops with enhanced resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses

2019F139R – Upcycling a defeated disease resistance R gene of wheat 2019F141R – Pesticide impact on soil microbiome an opportunity to identify microbial candidates for inoculation and field bio-augmentation

2019F142R – Effective and Efficient N Fertilization as Clean Technology 2019F143R – Integrating N fertilizer technologies with superior genetics to optimize protein in CWRS wheat without comprising yield, 4R pr~

2019F149R – Characterizing Fusarium graminearum spores walls and development of a spore-specific biosensor.

2019F159R – Wheat yield gaps magnitude and opportunities to sustainably improve yield