Manitoba Wheat and Barely Growers Association have begun to build research relationships and commit to funding, managing and monitoring research projects that will advance the interests and potential profitability of Manitoba growers.

Research Priorities 2018 – 2019

Fusarium management – from varietal improvement to in-crop control measures

Nitrogen and Protein – maximize profitability for protein and seek better nitrogen use efficiency

Excess Moisture – there is currently significant national and international research focused on drought issues for cereals but in much of Manitoba our wheat and barley crops are more at risk of yield loss due to excess moisture than drought

Rotation considerations – with a special focus on pulse – cereal rotations. What lessons can be learned where the management practice of one crop improves the prospects of the other?

Other – We are always open to suggestions from producers, researchers and industry that may demonstrate a benefit to Manitoba growers.


For more information on any of these projects and research strategies please contact the MWBGA office.