Amalgamation Proposal

In December 2018, farmer directors from five Manitoba grower organizations have updated a proposal to amalgamate into a new not-for-profit organization focused on research, communication and market development. The five associations want to hear from farmer members over the next year, with a vote to amalgamate planned for each organizations’ Annual General Meetings (AGMs) in February 2020.

Proposal: Manitoba Amalgamation Updated Proposal December 2018

News Release: News Release Amalgamation Vote in February 2020_December 2018

Key Q & A’s – Manitoba Amalgamation Q&A December 2018

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Please provide any comments to any of the MWBGA directors or general manager Pam de Rocquigny. The MWBGA will continue to update progress to our membership throughout the 2019 year leading up to the 2020 AGM.