Nominations & Elections

2019/20 Director Election Results:

Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA) welcomes two new directors and two returning directors to its board, following a nomination process that took place during November of 2019. Four positions were up for election, each holding a four-year term.

Incumbents, Robert Misko (Roblin) and Drew Baker (Beausejour), will be joined by two new directors, Ryan Hueging (Woodlands) and Wilfred Harder (Lowe Farm), who were nominated for the four available board positions and are elected by acclamation.

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Robert Misko – Incumbent

At the age of seven years old, Robert moved with his parents to begin a farming operation east of Roblin, Manitoba. Robert loved the farming lifestyle and decided to make it his career. Over the years, the family farm has grown to 8,200 acres. Currently, Robert farms the land with his wife, four children, and parents. To allow for a continued smooth operation of the farm, enabling Robert to attend meetings, his youngest child, Robbie, has been taking on more and more of the farming responsibilities with help from his wife, Leifa, as well as their oldest daughter, Brittany. Courtney is a local Agronomist, who gives advice on issues and helps during harvest.

Robert has always believed that complaining does not accomplish anything; there should be action with the words. With this philosophy, he served as the Reeve for the RM of Hillsburg for 16 years. He also served as an Association of Manitoba Municipalities Director for the Parkland Region for 4 years. Before his time as Reeve, Robert was a delegate for Manitoba Pool and Agricore. Currently, Robert is the Head of Council for the RM of Roblin, and sits on the Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation Board, one of four provincial crop research organizations within Manitoba, as the chairperson.

Robert was elected to MWBGA’s board in 2014. He has been Vice Chair, served on the board of Cereals Canada, on the board & Research Committee of Western Grains Research Foundation. While the future may be uncertain, MWBGA should strive to continue to be representative of farmers across the province.

Robert will continue to work hard to represent all Manitoban farmers, as he believes all viewpoints need consideration. He is always willing to discuss with anyone the concerns facing the farming community and bring all opinions forward to the appropriate agencies. However, Robert firmly believes it is important to provide the facts and issues to everyone, whether those realities are popular or not. For it is by being open with everyone, people are enabled to make informed decisions about the future.

Drew Baker – Incumbent

Drew farms near Beausejour with his dad and two brothers growing mainly Wheat, Canola and Soybeans. He has been involved in farming for a little over a decade.

Drew has served on the MWBGA board since the spring of 2014. Since joining the board he has been a member of the Inter-provincial Policy Committee, the MWBGA research committee and a board member with Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi).

Drew hopes to carry forward MWBGA work on Variety Development to ensure that Canadian farmers have a strong, viable public breeding system moving forward. He feels that MWBGA must continue to pursue the priorities of Manitoba growers on regional and national stages.

Drew looks forward to continuing to serve the interests of Manitoba producers.

Ryan Hueging – New

Ryan Hueging is from Woodlands and has been farming alongside his family for his entire life. Ryan earned his diploma in agriculture from the University of Manitoba and afterwards, made the easy decision to return to the farm. Their farm is diverse, consisting of grain and livestock. Ryan is involved with each enterprise, but mainly focuses on the grain side of the operation.

Ryan has spent some time volunteering in the community and has considered pursuing a role on an agriculture-related committee for quite some time. Wheat and barley have remained important crops on their farm, which led to his decision to run for a MWBGA director position.

Although Ryan has no previous board experience, he possesses a willingness to learn and  put the work in to represent Manitoba wheat and barley producers well. He is eager to bring fresh thoughts and ideas to help advance the industry.

Wilfred “Butch” Harder – New

Butch and his family farm next to Lowe Farm, operating north and south of the town. The farm’s staple crops are wheat, malt barley, canola, soybeans and perennial rye grass.

Some previous boards that Butch has served on include, Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp., Manitoba Canola Growers Association, Canadian Wheat Board, Manitoba Pool Elevators, Xcan Grain Pool Ltd., Western Co-op Fertilizer and Canadian Co-op Association.

Butch is passionate about farmers having a role in the decision making process of agricultural policies. He believes that while it is important to have a good dialogue with the grain industry, whatever research and production policies MWBGA delivers should be for the benefit of the farmers, first. Butch is a firm supporter of public plant breeding. He believes that crop diversification is important to all farmers. MWBGA should continue to build relationships with Manitoba commodity groups, as well as commodity groups in other provinces, to ensure farmers work together on important files such as research.

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