Strategic Plan


Vision Statement – That wheat and barley are profitable and internationally competitive crop choices for Manitoba farmers.

Mission Statement – To grow the potential of wheat and barley as profitable and sustainable production choices for Manitoba growers through leadership and strategic investments in research, market development and communications.

Guiding Principles

  • Ensure producer profitability, influence and choice
  • Focus on Research and Market Development
  • Seek to build and sustain high functioning collaborative working relationships with other organizations that share common objectives
  • Leverage available resources
  • Pursue, support and encourage defendable science-based solutions
  • Recognize wheat and barley as choices within a mix of multiple crop choices and rotations in crop production
  • Encourage a climate for vibrant private and public investment
  • Maintain and enhance Canada’s brand for quality over a diverse range of markets
  • Demonstrate transparency and good governance
  • Deliver and communicate value to levy paying members
  • Innovate in providing cost effective service

Core functions: Research & Market Development

Support functions: Communication, advocacy, advisory, education, administration, governance.

Research Objectives

Research – Agronomy:

  • Support and encourage the development of an on-farm research network
  • Revisit and refine basic fertility response recommendations
  • Build connections with retail and independent field scouts to capture and communicate timely cereal agronomic information.
  • Preserve public funding support and capacity for agronomic research.

Research – Genetic/variety development:

  • Prepare a proactive response to potential changes in variety development investment and public research capacity to ensure producers are influential and well served by the outcome.
  • Support existing (ongoing) programs
  • Explore the potential of producer partnerships
  • Explore and respond to Identity Preserved opportunities
  • Work with WGRF

Market Development Objectives

General Objective – Position and promote Canadian wheat production and products in a way that increases value, decreases marketing costs and provides a greater net back to producers.

  • Participate in the development of a path toward the broader acceptance of proven science based market solutions and innovations.
  • Advance our capacity to anticipate market needs in larger traditional markets and smaller strategic markets.
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities for domestic Identity Preserved market solutions.
  • Promote domestic consumption and novel uses of Manitoba/Prairie specific cereal production
  • Maintain and enhance Canada’s quality brand reputation across multiple cereal market classes.
  • More effectively capture malt barley market signals and total capacity requirements.

Other Strategic Objectives 


  • Build awareness and acceptance of organizational activity
  • Create multi media/medium communication (including social media, newsletters and other)
  • Utilize community newspapers
  • Move to electronic – website initiation to be on distribution list
  • AGM notice by advertisement and press release


  • Meet and exceed certification board criteria
  • Demonstrate transparency
  • Create enough flexibility to adjust to the new demands of the times


  • Support core functions of research and market development
  • Actively seek opportunities for collaboration to provide cost effective and efficient service.
  • Build administrative capacity to allow for the Board to operate as a strategic board versus a management board